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We left our rehearsal space and mini-studio in the spring of 2010 and started to convert rooms formerly used as a Sri Chimnoy meditation center at the heart of Cologne's Agnesviertel into a studio proper.
We needed a safe space for our Equipment, somewhere we could record and rehearse with our own bands and, of course, with other musicians and bands.
The first session went down in August 2010.

For our guests, we wanted to build a space where a band could theoretically come empty handed and leave with a finished record. Being musicians ourselves, we had already started building a collection of gear that was meant to be inspiring and to be good working condition. And, to have that set up in a room where people could comfortably play together, and try ideas quickly and efficiently.

Since we started, we have worked with musicians from a bunch of continents, recorded for tape releases as well as major labels, with young musicians who had never been in a studio as well as seasoned veterans. For us as musicians, studios have always been safe spaces where we felt we could truly come into our own - and we like to think that we provide exactly that kind of space to those who visit us.

On this page, we are working towards an overview of the gear we have in the studio.

If you have a project in mind, do get in touch!

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Björn Sonnenberg
Björn Sonnenberg
Cofounder, Producer
Jan Niklas Jansen
Jan Niklas Jansen
Cofounder, engineer
Stefanie Schrank
Stefanie Schrank
Cofounder, Producer, Engineer
Nicolas Epe
Nicolas Epe
Producer, Engineer
Luis Müller-Wallraf
Luis Müller-Wallraf
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