So this is a REDD 47 inspired preamp. It was affordable and definitely a lot more affordable than the Chandler Redd 47, so let's start by saying this: The build quality is not some kind of mil-spec dream. The pots feel just a tiny bit dodgy, the wiring could be a bit cleaner, I am sure there are some elements to the build that could be done in a way to minimize noise further.

All that said, this is a great sounding preamp. Having used a V72 extensively during some of the earlier Locas In Love sessions (and knowing that the REDD47 is at least of the same family), this one gets ridiculously close to the ball park for the price point that it was sold at. Yes, it can be a bit tricky to hit the right amount of gain and the fine gain only helps so much with that issue. That said, hitting the right amount of gain on a V72 and doing so using a coin or a screwdriver wasn't exactly great fun either. Once you're there though, you get the kind of sound a tube Preamp should bring to the table. It's a kind of clean sound, the way a great classic tube amp is "clean", not the way a Roland Jazz chorus does clean.

The jack input is a very welcome addition, since this design is perfectly suited for all kinds of DI signals - it brings out the character in synths (even slightly bland ones), it gives a great classic bass DI sound - even DI'd electric guitars sound good.

Based on this one preamp we have, it is great that currently it looks like Dizengoff Audio are back to building things, having taken some time out.