Photo by Luis Müller-Wallraf

Two boost, stackable, one behind a master volume. That really is all there is to this pedal.

It comes from a time when I possibly could have listed more of the people who made artworks for ZVex than other boutique pedal builders.

To run it through a pedal power, it needed a special base plate with a sort of dongle attached. That felt oddly clumsy for years, but then Apple got rif of the headphone jack on their phones and maybe it is futuristic again?

Ours was bought used (power plate included) at Main Drag in Williamsburg. A lot of the blemishes were already in place. I am sure we added some new ones, and it's got to be said that these handbainted ZVex effects age beautifully.

Either way, it's a powerful pedal that does everything from lots and lots of clean boost to a drive sound that is akin to putting a Fender Bassman 100 head on 10.